Is your home on the market? Are you about to have a home inspection performed? Maybe you are wondering what you can do to prepare for it so that it can be as in-depth and efficient as possible. Well, here are some things you can do to make sure the home inspection is a successful one:

This might not seem like a big deal, but pets can prevent a home inspector from doing the job in an efficient way. It would be best to keep pets away or make sure they are in a safe and secure area on the day of the inspection.

In order to speed up the home inspection, make sure ahead of time that there is easy and clear access to all areas the home inspector might need to look at. Among the areas that would require easy access are: the basement and attic, water heater, HVAC equipment and electrical panels. It’s a good idea to check that all these areas are unlocked, including areas outside like buildings and gates etc.

It’s important to note that sometimes even simple things can hamper a home inspection or even change the report. Check that light bulbs do not need replacing, make sure carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working well and don’t need new batteries.

Are there any small repair jobs that need doing? It would be a good idea to get these done before the home inspection. Things like fixing broken doors and windows or screens and locks, also gutters and downspouts that are in need of attention. It’s also good to clear the yard of debris and items that might be stored against the house. Trim trees and shrubs that are too close to the home.

Yes, its good to be prepared ahead so that you can ensure a thorough and efficient home inspection.

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