Do you enjoy watching the wildlife around your home? Most of us do and it is one of the charms of living in a rural area. However, it could be a problem when wildlife starts intruding into your living space. Usually, wildlife is attracted by three different things around your home. They are either looking for food or they are looking for shelter or they are looking for water. If you want to keep wildlife away from your home you will need to prevent access to these items. In some cases it’s going to be more difficult you think. For example, rodents can squeeze through very tiny openings and get to food and water inside of your home and they can find shelter even inside of your walls.

For larger animals, it is important to make sure that your garbage is difficult to access. If you have a lot of larger wildlife around your home, it might be worth getting a shed to keep your garbage cans inside.

If you have a lot of food garbage and your garbage can is overflowing it might be better not to bring it out until closer to the garbage pickup. While this is an inconvenience, it will deter animals from coming to your home. 

Making sure that the area around your home is well lit can also deter some animals from getting close.

If you have a vegetable garden or a lot of plants keeping them under netting or fenced in can help you avoid herbivores using your garden as their dining table.

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