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Most people will agree that there is nothing more inviting and cozier than a beautiful fireplace to sit around. But what if you live in a house that was not constructed with a fireplace? Does that mean it will never be an option? Well, the answer may be a factory-built fireplace.

Fireplaces that have been factory built are often used in new construction nowadays, but they are not limited to a new build. This type of fireplace can also be fitted fairly easily into an older home as well. A factory-built fireplace has a simple design which consists of a firebox encased in a steel box with a flue or steel chimney connected to it. The benefit of this design is that it is lightweight, easy to install, and efficient.

A factory-built fireplace generally has very small safe-clearance constraints so it can be fitted close to wooden framing and installed on most floors of the house. A word of caution here though, as the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe clearance requirements might vary, so you will need to check this before choosing your fireplace.

Like any fireplace you have in the home, you need to take the appropriate safety steps when using a factory-built fireplace, even though they do enjoy an excellent safety record. One of those steps is to have the chimney checked regularly to ensure creosote does not start to build up in it.

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