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When your plumbing backs up, you don’t always know what the cause might be, but if you have large trees growing over where your main sewage line runs, you have a likely culprit. Sewage water is ideal nourishment for trees, and if their roots start getting some seepage from your pipes, they are going to grow fast, and all that growth will just increase as the roots make it into your pipes. Just a tiny crack in your pipes will be enough for a root to grow through, and once it has gotten a foothold, it will be able to pry that crack open, making it wider. At first, you wouldn’t be able to realize something like that is going on, but after the roots have started invading your pipe, you will notice how water flowing through drains in your entire home starts slowing down. Eventually, you will get to the point where water will start backing up at the lowest point in your home, and it is not going to be pretty. Sewage water carries all kinds of disease, and is costly to clean up.

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