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Buying a home is a serious investment. Whether you’re purchasing a recently built home or a fixer-upper that needs additional work, having a home inspection done before you commit to buying a home is extremely important.

There are some common home inspection findings to be aware of, here are a few:

  1. Water damage. Most home inspections agree that water damage is one of the most damaging and costly problems you can encounter. Water is also the leading cause of dry rot, costly structural damage, and toxic mold.
  2. Faulty wiring. Another costly problem is electric systems. Many older homes have electrical issues. These issues can cause home fires and are very dangerous. Inspecting your home’s electrical wiring is very important. 
  3. Poor drainage and grade sloping. This issue often leads to water damage because of the home is not graded correctly water will not drain correctly.
  4. Problematic gutters. While not as costly as some other problems clogged, broken, bent or missing gutters are an issue. This is an issue that can result in water damage to your home.
  5. Roof issues. Roofs can have troublesome issues that are unfortunately not visible while you’re touring a potential home. Roof issues are commonly found during home inspections.
  6. Foundation Flaws. If there are problems with the foundation of your home, you may find sloping floors, doors, and windows that stick, or even doors that swing in one direction when left open. Repairing the foundation of the home is a significant expense.

These are just a few of the issues that home inspectors will report.

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