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Numerous injuries are reported each year from furniture tipping over. Unfortunately, many of these cases are children. Although there are much better safety standards being put into practice by furniture companies nowadays, if those same standards are not implemented in the home, they will still present a tip over danger. How can parents do all they can to prevent tip over hazards in their homes?

A lot of furniture comes with a stabilizing bracket to attach to walls. Make sure items such as shelving units and dressers are attached in this way by using a strap or L brackets.

When you are looking for furniture, choose solid, sturdy items with a wide base. Make sure you store heavy objects in lower drawers or shelves, this will stop the furniture from becoming top heavier which makes it easy to tip over.

Televisions are a common tip over item. Try to position them as far back as you can on a unit, or better still, keep them on a low stand.

Children love climbing up to reach for objects they want such as candy, toys or the remote etc. While it is important to keep many items out of their reach, it’s also best to keep them out of sight as well.

Arrange hanging electrical cords or wires so that they cannot be reached by children and so that they aren’t tempted to climb something to reach them.

Although we are all aware that proper child supervision in a home is the best way to prevent household injuries, we can take many precautions to ensure that our furniture does not become a tip over risk.

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