When was the last time you got together with your friends? if you’re currently social distancing yourself it might have been quite a while. Many have taken to online meetings, such a zoom, to be able to see their friends and talk to them. They are sacrificing their need for time together in the interest of public health. While the current situation might be an inconvenience for us, it is having a great effect on limiting the spread of the coronavirus. As can be seen from some countries in the world, when social distancing was implemented, the spread slowed down significantly. It is the best method for us to protect ourselves and those whom we love. While it might feel like a big sacrifice we know that we would never forgive ourselves if we were the cause of someone’s death. You might feel like you’re in good health, but you should take into consideration those that you meet in your everyday life. Your parents and grandparents might be in the age when the coronavirus is extremely lethal. It could also be that one of your friends has an underlying health effect that they don’t even know about themselves until they are struck with the virus. Please continue to be careful and take care of those you love.

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