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A very important aspect of pool safety that is not mentioned as frequently is pool drain safety. The pool drain is an important part of the pool’s filtration system, it does present a certain amount of risk for swimmers. Especially swimmers that are light and inexperienced in the pool like children.

You’re a few tips to help you avoid those pool drain dangers:

  • Teach your children to practice pool drain safety. Talk to your children about the dangers and have them stay away from the drain.
  • Consider using a pool safety net or a mesh pool fence to keep kids away from the water and out of danger when you’re not able to watch them.
  • Make sure the drain is compliant. Our pools must be fitted with an anti-trapping drain cover.

There are five major forms of entrapment when it comes to pool drain danger:

  1. Body entrapment when a body part covers the drain and becomes stuck there due to the suction.
  2. Avoid letting your hair down. Hair entrapment, when a person’s hair gets pulled into the drain.
  3. Limb entrapment.  When an arm or leg gets lodged in the drain and cannot be removed.
  4. Mechanical entrapment, when a piece of jewelry or a dangling part of a bathing suit gets stuck in the drain.
  5. Evisceration, when a person sits on a drain in their intestines gets pulled out.

No one would ever want their children or loved ones to suffer these scary potentially devastating injuries. Most importantly teach your child to practice pool drain safety. If you make the simple steps a part of pre-swimming routines you can feel more confident and secure when your kids are using the pool.

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