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Some people are afraid of rodents, and while they aren’t dangerous in themselves, there are many negative effects that rodents can have which warrant keeping on the watch for them.

Rodents can carry many harmful diseases, making them dangerous both for you and your pets. They also tend to do damage to your home when getting through walls and insulation to dig tunnels. Rodents are difficult to get rid of, but using traps and pesticides can work, as long as they are used in the right place. You should make sure that young children or pets don’t get hurt by mistake when trying to exterminate rodents.

Sometimes you might be able to stop rodents in their tracks by being vigilant. If you notice holes in your siding or collections of fabric and newspaper shreddings in odd places, you likely have a rodent problem. Clean up any traces you find of them trying to build a nest and block off their entrances with sturdy patches. Make sure to keep anything that could serve as food for them out of reach and sealed away, as well.

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