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One of the worst things that could happen to your home is when your sewage backs up. Never mind the smell, the damage that sewage water can do to your home and your health is substantial. There are several diseases that you can get from exposure, some of which can be fatal, and the bacteria-infested water can cause all kinds of damage to your floors and walls.

Common causes for sewage backing up are issues with the septic system or a blocked main sewage line. These problems could cause your downstairs drains and toilets to start spewing out raw sewage. If you notice gurgling noises and fluctuating water levels in your toilets during heavy rainfalls, you should have someone come and take a look at your septic system to see where the problem might lie. On the other hand, for a blocked main sewage line, you might need to have your pipes scoped to find where there might be a blockage.

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