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Several things can go wrong with your lawn. It can fry during hot dry summers and suffer disease plagues in wet ones. The lawn can get attacked by grubs and bugs in any season.

Here is a list of common law and troubles and tips on how to correct them:

  • Drought stress. In hot dry summers, grass will hibernate until moisture returns and turn straw brown. Keeping a lawn green in a drought is doable with an inch deep soaking every 5 to 7 days. 
  • Weed takeover. Crabgrass and other creeping weeds can overtake much of the lawn. Pull or dig bigger weeds out and spot spray patches. Crabgrass will die with frost.
  • Dying brown patches. Several fungal diseases flare in humid summers and can kill patches of lawn. Lawn fungicide can slow the spread of disease. Cooler weather often helps a lot to recover but those patches will need to be reseeded.
  • Dead areas that pull up like a loose carpet. When grass pulls up easily and has brown patches your likely to have beetle grubs. Grub damage usually starts to show by late August. It’s possible to kill grubs in early fall.
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