Have you ever had a piece of furniture tip over? Maybe you opened too many drawers in a dresser, or you over-estimated how stable a piece of furniture was. While this can be dangerous and harmful to an adult, it is even more so for a young child, and unfortunately, young children are much more likely to put themselves at risk.

They might decide to use furniture to climb on, such as a bookcase, or a dresser with open drawers.

To avoid an accident, it is important that you make use of a piece of hardware that is provided with most larger pieces of furniture – a tip-over bracket.

To install one of these brackets, you want to make sure that you start out with reading the manufacturer’s instructions for how to install it. They will have a spot on the furniture where it will get firmly attached. Next, you should find a stud in your wall where the bracket can be connected. If there is no way to get the bracket attached to a stud, you could use a wall anchor of sufficient size, but this won’t be able to hold up to the same weight as if it was installed in solid wood.

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