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One of the things that most people might not think about in the summer is insulation, but interestingly enough, there is never a time of year where insulation doesn’t benefit you. Insulating your pipes, for example, will lead to energy savings. Depending on the distance from your water heater to the faucet, your hot water could lose a lot of heat before it gets there. In the summer, your cold water could get heated up on the way to the faucet, and result in a disappointingly warm glass for you to drink. Even the fact that some pipes are installed very close to each other means that you will have a transfer of heat between the pipes.

You can also make sure that your pipes are quieter by having them insulated.

Pipe insulation that is ready to just pop on top of the pipes can be picked up at any hardware store. You can cut it into appropriate lengths, make angles in the corners and then tape it all up. It’s a very simple job but it can have a lot of benefits.

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