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When you have a heavy wind blowing, your home might be right in the middle of a wind-tunnel. In fact, there are some homeowners out there that have a hard time being able to spend any time in their backyard because of the wind conditions they constantly have to deal with.
If this is your condition, you might want to consider setting up a windbreak. Windbreaks are rows of trees that are strategically placed to push the wind up and over your home. For this to work, they need to be dense with branches that grow low to the ground. They also need to be at the correct distance from your home to have enough space to push the wind up. Usually, this would be a distance that is about 4 times the height of your home.
While there are some trees that grow quickly and will be useful sooner, these trees don’t tend to live as long, so ideally you would plant two rows. One quick-growing row for fast results and then a second row for long-lasting relief.

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