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We all like to have beautiful landscaping around our home, isn’t that right? Maybe you have some bushes in your yard, but are there any concerns that come with shrubbery? Well, as with many things when it comes to real estate, you should consider the location.
For example, having bushes pushing up against your siding is not good for several reasons.
First, it makes it difficult to access your home for an inspection. You can’t really note if anything harmful is going on behind all those bushes.
Second, there is the risk that insects will use the bushes as a gateway to your home. This could be very serious if there are wood-destroying organisms. They could do major damage to your home, and just like mentioned in our first point, they could be hard to notice.
Third, bushes against your siding could cause water damage and moss growth since they will keep the surface moist and shaded.
All these things considered, trimming back the bushes around your home is a good idea.

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