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When you are cooking up a juicy steak in the kitchen, there is probably tons of steam and smoke coming out of the frying pan. Frying things can get really messy, and this is why a kitchen fan is so important. Without an effective kitchen fan you run the risk of damaging the interior of your kitchen. Just having a kitchen fan is not enough, however. It needs to be correctly installed in the right location.

So what is the right location? It is right above your stove, as close to the cooking area as possible without getting in the way. This way you minimize the risk of the exhaust travelling somewhere else in your kitchen. The fan also needs to be vented outside your home. Some have fans that just have a filter inside without being connected to any type of exhaust, and they simply do not cut it. Instead your fan should be connected to a duct that leads the steam and smoke outside with as few bends as possible.

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