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When you turn on and off your water do you hear strange noises in your pipes? Does it sound like someone is beating on your pipes with a hammer? If so, that is fittingly called a water hammer. What happens is that all the pressure from your water when it is running has nowhere to go after you turn off the faucet, so it just hits the walls of the pipes, causing damage. It could lead to leaks and busted seals if it isn’t dealt with.

Usually, the situation is caused by the failure of a device called an air chamber. Air chambers are there to prevent pressure in your pipes. As the name implies, they are filled with air that can handle the change in pressure that comes from turning off your faucet.

If the air chamber gets filled with water it no longer functions correctly. So, how do you drain the water from the air chamber? You’ll be glad to hear that there is an easy solution. When you turn off the main water supply and open up every faucet and turn on your shower, water will quickly drain from the air chamber, and you should no longer hear a water hammer.

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