Many who weren’t expecting to do so have had to start working from home recently. One effect of this is that webcams, microphones, and headsets have been selling out in some stores. While doing your work from home might be very appealing, it does come with a unique set of challenges that you will need to deal with.

In your office, there might be a simple setup, but it will usually be a thought behind how everything works. Lighting, monitor height, your chair, they are all there to make sure that you can work without being hurt while being effective. This is not the case in your home. You might have a setup that you put together just for this event, and it might be woefully lacking. Ergonomics are very important when you spend a long time in the same position, and sitting on your couch with your laptop might feel nicer than sitting at your office desk for the first hour or so, but you will soon realize why you have the setup you do in your office. Spending the time and money to get your home office set up right will pay off in the long run.

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