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If you have a full-size attic, have you ever thought of using it for something besides storing old family photos? While it might not be the most convenient space in your home, you could turn it into a great room for your kids or even a guestroom. Of course, this is not a minor project. Making an attic liveable will usually require insulating it since many attics are not insulated at all. It is important to remember that finishing it will make the space smaller, so if it already is cramped up there, it will be even more so after you are done.

Since the attic usually isn’t insulated like the rest of your home, it is a good idea to have it on a separate thermostat, since you would be hard-pressed to make your attic comfortable without it. The nice thing about finishing your attic is that you don’t have to lose all the storage space. It is easy to build in closets along the walls that will let you store things out of sight still.

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